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Choosing a Point of Sale System for Cannabis Retail (2022)

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In today’s saturated cannabis market, dispensary owners need tools that can support their business as it grows. But achieving sustainable growth requires investing in a cannabis Point of Sale (POS) that does more than just process transactions. They need a solution that enables them to sell online and in-store, attract new customers, and most importantly—keep them coming back for more. 

There are countless cannabis POS systems available today. But to find the best-fit option for your dispensary (and your team), you need to assess what your current and future business needs will be and ask the right questions. 

Download our 2022 Cannabis POS Buyer's Guide for 10 questions to consider when you’re in the market for a cannabis POS system—whether you’re a first-time “cannapreneur” or a current dispensary operator looking to make a switch.

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